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Marionette No. 234-812-3

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Untitled by Anna Petersen

Untitled by Anna Petersen

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Untitled by Anna Petersen

(Source: R2--D2, via ominousraincloud)

unlucky-mockingbird asked: "You're right, it was a bad idea."

The unit merely blinked, staring between the woman and the car that had, through some combination of luck, unluck, and sheer force of nature had ended up sticking out of the dumpster at an angle she would have once laughed at.  “There is a reason those Marionettes who bear telekinesis are not allowed caffeine, ma’am.  For what it is worth, at least it is not a helicopter this time.”

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That was troubling. Her brows knitted together as she processed the information - they took people with "abnormalities" and re-purposed them against their will? That wasn’t alright to the agent and she was aware her branch wouldn’t be on board with that news. It would be one thing if it was voluntarily and she could understand there will always be people who become corrupted. But this didn’t seem to be as lenient of a system. Freedom was being taken away - lives were being forced into change when it might not even be necessary.

"Are all individuals captured and used?" Is her first question; the usual friendly tone had died down into something polite and calm. An inquisitive spark is still alive in her gaze but there’s also displeasure at what this all sounds like. Familiar and disgusting. She hopes that perhaps this is a misunderstanding. "And do they have a choice in the matter? What are their lifestyles like?"

234-812-3 shook her head.  “No, ma’am, just those whom  suffer eruption and are therefor legally non-human from that point forward.  Not all of the individuals who erupt become Marionettes, though, those with less useful or dangerous powers are are re-registered as sub-human and allowed to seek a job under a human sponsor.”

Here the unit paused (and was that a flash of pain for the smallest of seconds on her face?) before continuing.  “However, those who are chosen as Marionettes are fitted with a Bolt System as soon as possible after their eruption, which is then activated once their wills are broken enough for the Bolt to fully work.  For example, this unit erupted when she was fourteen.  The Bolt was installed three days afterwards, and activated three months after that.”

Turning on one heel, she lifted the mass of curly black hair out of the way to display the black band around her throat and the small silver plate that covered it’s entry point into her spine.  “Most of the Bolt System is internal, what you see is the external collar.”  There was another pause.  “Should this unit get a human from within those who work on Marionettes to explain?  If you are interested, there are units for public sale as well.”

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Creepy Killer Sentence Meme


  • "I am going to kill you slowly."
  • "I am so into you right now…"
  • "I know what this looks like…"
  • "I wasn’t feeling particularly murderous but you have suddenly changed my mood."
  • "No. No, no, no, no…"
  • "Please don’t kill _______."
  • "Please don’t…

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Another new appearance.  Her handlers would want to hear of their latest success.

"Hello, and welcome to PsTech Inc and it’s latest step forward in improving and maintaining a relationship with humanity.  This Marionette unit is designated 234-812-3, do you require assistance?"

Snippets of memory, flashes of tears..

Snippets of memory, flashes of tears..

Snippets of memory, flashes of tears..

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"Greetings.  You have reached Marionette No. 234-812-3, property of PsTech Incorporated.  May this unit assist you with something?"

"I-" The agent paused as she stared at the unit. Odd. When did this come to pass? Was she away for that long? A small laugh left her, how embarrassing. “Sure. Can you tell me about PsTech Incorporated?”

Nodding, the unit folded her hands and began to speak as though she had memorized the words.  “PsTech Incorporated was originally several separate companies working in national security, biochemical research, and augmentation of the human body.

"However, when the event known colloquially as the ‘Days of Rage’ occurred and select young humans began exhibiting strange abilities (an occurrence called ‘eruption’ by the greater public) that would harm the greater peace and good, these companies banded together and began developing technologies that would restrain these individuals and their abilities and ensure that they would be use to protect both happiness and humanity.

"The individuals in question, however, are legally labeled non-human after eruption.  Most go on to be modified into what are known as Marionettes."